KRFH – Radio Free Humboldt


As you may or may not have guessed, KRFH Radio Free Humboldt is located in Humboldt County, CA, which is where I go to school. It’s this old little radio box where I am the current music manager/DJ. Check it out, we’re web-based. But we recently got our very own FM station, 105.1, which is a pretty big deal for us. 

I’ve been a DJ with KRFH for three years now, and I’ve been a manager for two. My duty as music manager is to organize our (extensive) library and bring new music to the station. As a DJ, I have one or two shows a week where I play a variety of music. Most genres make it into my playlist, but I try to keep it new. 

In addition to student DJ’s, a lot of what we do at KRFH is spotlighting local artists and events (which I will also try to accomplish on this blog). We’ve got a news crew that does daily reports on current events around Humboldt county, and we have an annual event called Lixxapalooza where both local and non-local bands perform. 

KRFH has really been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The people, the atmosphere, and the music have really inspired me to pursue a career in music journalism. I encourage you to check out the KRFH website and listen in to our live shows. It’s really a one-of-a-kind radio experience. 


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