College Radio Is The Key To New Music


Finding new music with no direction is a very difficult task to do. There could be many reasons why you cannot find the right band or song that leaves you content, but heed my words, sitting around and doing nothing will not help in the least. Have you ever had that moment when you are walking or driving somewhere and a song comes on that instantly gets your foot to tapping(at least for me the foot tap is essential)? You think to yourself “man I sure wish I knew what that song is?” and “I wonder what album or station is playing it?” These are the questions you need to ask yourself to begin your journey of musical self-discovery.

One of the hardest parts of finding new music is finding a band or station that suits your needs. You may like a certain genre but the radio station you listen to does not play it, or at least play any of the rising artists in that particular genre. This can get very frustrating and chances are most mainstream radio stations are set to play a certain amount of popular songs on repeat. Because of this you will hear the same song every hour for hours and hours on end. While this is not a new concept by any means, it is one that has no variety and in my opinion, no pizzazz. So what can you do to fix this new music drought, that is as depressing as the lack of water in California?

The simple answer is to get off your butt and actively search for artists through the world wide web, to find artists that are influenced by your favorite musicians, go to record shops and listen to your local college radio station(if you have one). The first two options are generally favored over the third, but as someone who has had first hand experience with college radio I cannot stress enough how much it has opened my eyes to the world of new music. As I have mentioned before in one of my earlier posts, I am the current Music Manager at my college at Humboldt State University. The station is called KRFH Radio Free Humboldt and is a student run radio. For years we existed solely on the internet, but more recently we have managed to broadcast to small portions around Humboldt over the airwaves. You can tell that I am pretty excited about all of this and that I am shamelessly self promoting our awesome station. But never fear there is a point I am getting to.

While listening and being an active part of KRFH, I was introduced to an avalanche of new music. Every DJ could make or suggest songs they were interested in on air to listeners all over the world. You could literally walk off the street take the class and training, before donning the ceremonial DJ headphones and in a matter of weeks you could be playing some of your favorite songs to strangers everywhere. It could be new or old music, but as long as the listener is intrigued then it does not really matter if it is cutting edge or not. With dozens of college level DJ’s playing their music around the clock you are bound to discover new genres and music that you enjoy. Everyone has their own taste in music, which includes DJ’s. Heck, you may even come to love the station so much and its inhabitants you may go back for more.

So check out online college radio stations, there are many of them all run by music enthusiasts who would like nothing more to share their music and experiences with you. The key to new music is exploring your limits and finding something that makes you say “Holy sh*t that is amazing!” It might not happen instantly, but rest assured if you are looking, you will find it eventually.

Side Note: As long as I have your attention I will yet again shamelessly promote my radio show at I am on every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm, California time. If you want to hear my sultry, sexy voice on air(not very sultry, not very sexy) please tune in!




2 thoughts on “College Radio Is The Key To New Music

  1. Great advice. Like your enthusiasm:-) Sending it to my music friends as I know they like that you do some of the work for them. Great blog btw.


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