Song Of The Week: “Violent Shiver” By Benjamin Booker


Hold onto your hats, the firestorm know as “Violent Shiver” is sure to rattle your eardrums and send you into a crazy dance frenzy! The first single off of self titled album Benjamin Booker by, you guessed it Benjamin Booker, is a bluesy, fast paced tribute to American rock and roll. The single was released in April of this year and while it has yet to receive the attention it so rightly deserves, rock fans lucky enough to discover the new rising star of gritty, melodic, folk punk are fortunate to do so at the very beginning of his career. “Violent Shiver” is an anthemic almost Pixie sounding track, that is fueled by adrenaline and pure grit. Clocking around just under three minutes the song is short and yet very very sweet, with fast guitar riffs that flow easily with Bookers gruff New Orleans drawl. Be sure to tell your friends about Booker first, because this song will be the track to define the start of his incredibly bright career.

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