Concert News: Top 3 Collaboration Shows 2014


It is always exciting when special collaboration shows are announced. What I mean by “Collaboration Shows” is when two or more artist combine forces for a unique one of a kind event. I do not mean supergroups which are members of fairly well known bands that get together under one name to write and perform music together. These groups usually record and tour together for a finite amount of time. No, what I am referring to are once in a lifetime collaborations that people will rarely ever see again. I know that when one of these events are announced I am always hitting myself for not being close to where it is being held, or my lack of funds (the joys of being in college). So, my only alternative is to write about the three best collaboration shows of 2014!

3. Deadmau5 B2B Eric Prydz 10560347_717832414918821_3817104755928903316_o-2

Where: HARD Day Of The Dead 2014

When: November 1st

Two of the worlds greatest EDM artists are set to perform at the HARD sponsored Day Of The Dead festival in November. Canadian producer Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, is one of the most popular and outspoken artists of the genre and is performing at only a small handful of dates this year. Having already expressed his distaste for festival sets there could be less and less of them in the future. If that wasn’t reason enough to catch the set then look no further then Swedish house DJ, the legendary Eric Prydz. In the last couple years Prydz has regained a large amount of fame due to his constant touring and intricate live shows. While sharing various festival bills together, the two became fast friends and in March of this year played their very first show together in Miami. You can only imagine the amount of exploded heads in the room as two of EDM’s biggest stars let loose a constant barrage of original and remixed material. The show was so successful, that HARD organizers just had to book them to headline the annual Day Of The Dad festival. Even though they are not the only artists playing on the line-up, this unique pairing might as well be. It would be in your best interest to get tickets to see this mind blowing event as soon as possible, as there is no telling when or if ever the chance will arise again.


2. George Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Music of George Harrison 071111browimageWhere: Los Angeles, Ray Theater

When: September 28th

You may be wondering what this event is all about? Well I will tell you this… it is certainly not about praising Paul McCartney. No, this special one night “fest” is dedicated to former Beatles member, George Harrison. To bring you up to speed, Harrison was the lead guitarist for the legendary band The Beatles and his life was tragically cut short due to lung cancer at the age of 58. The Harrison estate has decided to put on a once in a lifetime event to honor his memory and artistic work. This is where things get a little crazy as the night will be chock full of high profile bands and musicians that will undoubtedly be playing cover songs from Harrison’s extensive discography. First on the list is Beach Boys lead vocalist and founder Brian Wilson followed by members of The Killers, The Strokes, Weezer, Norah Jones, The Flaming Lips, Spoon, Cold War Kids, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Weird Al Yankovic and members of Harrison’s family. With so many recognizable artists it is hard to imagine what this concert will be like. A jumbled mess or an epic tribute to one of the worlds most influential musicians. Unfortunately tickets are already sold out, so we all better hope for a live stream or shaky videos taken on potato phones.


3. Jay-Z & Beyonce 56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Where: All over the country at select venues

When: You look up the times I am not your supervisor!

Quite possibly the biggest collaboration/co-headlining tour in recent memory, the On The Run Tour pits two of the industries biggest names on the same billboard. Jay-Z and Beyonce are the music worlds power couple on and off the stage. They have sold millions of albums worldwide and are loved and admired by the public. In fact I am a little surprised that this did not happen sooner? By having a tour with one of the most famous hip hop mongols in the business and admittedly the most talented pop star of our generation, there is not a lot that could go wrong. With over a dozen chart topping singles and hits between them their live show is an incredible feat of glittering showmanship. Already one of the best selling tours in the U.S. there is little else that a fan of either artists would desire after seeing them perform live. The good news is that even though tickets are going fast (or have already sold out) they are playing more then 20 cities around the country, so the chances of seeing the most powerful couple in the music business is fairly high.

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