Festivals: TBD Fest Update, Single Day Breakdown


Just recently announced was the single day line-ups for Sacramento’s premier music festival TBD Fest! The festival rolls in on October 3rd to the 4th and is filled to the brim with indie rock, electronica, dance and hip-hop. All three days have something to offer and in my opinion are fairly well thought out in terms of what people want to see over the course of the weekend. Trying to figure out which day to go to and what artists to see can be very frustrating. However, I love to plan out my schedule and for this very reason I will do my best to help you! This event is also special to me not only because it is close to my hometown of Davis, California but it was the very first festival post that I made on my blog that got noticed. So, thank you TBD Fest for being good to me and having one of the best line-ups on the west coast.

Friday October 3rd mobylead

The first day of the festival begins with a smattering of indie rock and most noticeably the addition of New York based alternative rock band The Drums. Fellow New Yorker MNDR, an electronic pop singer, will also be performing and will be a wonderful warm-up to the true highlights of the first day. If you look at the top four artists on Friday you will instantly figure out that it is heavily geared towards the ravers and EDM lovers. The legendary Moby will be headlining and acting as beat making support is moombahton house DJ Dillon Francis, chill electronic producer Gramatik and one of the newest and buzziest electronic artists currently touring the country, RAC.


These four artists alone could sell out concert halls around the country but to have them all playing on the same day is insane. The schedule for set times have not yet been released and overlap is expected, however how amazing would it be if all four artists were positioned to play back to back. The biggest surprise will most likely be world renown producer Moby who will be performing a DJ set to close the first day of music. He is most recognizable for his ethereal laid back beats that serve as beautiful background music rather then a headlining festival set. On the other hand since it is in fact a DJ set so he could remix his songs for a faster and more bass heavy pace that would surely get the crowd moving. Regardless day one starts off with an adrenaline rush that will carry you straight to the second day on a wild euphoric ride.


Saturday October 4th music_phases2

If the first day was all about the electronic music then the second day makes up for the lack of guitar with a strong indie rock presence. Easily the longest day of the festival with the most acts it will be hard to see all of the ones that you want. To make things easier for you I recommend you focus on the first half of Saturdays line-up, as these are the bands that are more recognizable and will be spread out more evenly by festival organizers. Headlining the second day is electronic alternative rock band Empire Of The Sun and opening for them will be the guitar heavy ambient rock of Explosions In The Sky.


The only exception to the rock based day is rising hip-hop star Danny Brown, who released one of the best rap albums, “titled Old“, last year. During the day, two of alternative rocks most beloved bands that have recently carved a name for themselves will also be performing. The War On Drugs and MS MR have had a bountiful two years as they are both touring behind recently released albums that have garnered them widespread acclaim, on and off the stage. Besides these highlights the rest of the day is filled with hidden gems like Tennessee based electro-pop band Cherub and Canadian noise rock band, METZ. Saturday is a day for exploring relatively unknown acts that you may have not originally considered listenable. Who knows, you may even find your next favorite band.


Sunday October 5th 030

The final day of TBD Fest is sure to be the climactic finish festival organizers were hoping for. With the unusual pairing of Justice and Blondie (who are two of the biggest names on the line-up) TBD Fest is gearing up to go out with a bang. Out of all the days it appears that Sunday has the most evenly distributed line-up, with a healthy dose of dance, rock and hip-hop. Leading the hip-hop charge is futuristic themed rap supergroup, Deltron 3030 and Sacramento’s very own Blackalicious. Representing the top tier of rock is the timeless Blondie, singer/songwriter Kurt Vile and The Violators who had one of the best alternative rock albums in 2013 and experimental indie rock band Yacht. Not to be outdone, heavy bass implementing artists round out Sunday’s line-up as Justice is set to close the festival in explosive fashion with a blaring dance inducing DJ set. Opening during the day is Canadian electronic trap band Keys N Krates, who have been hitting up a plethora of festivals this year and San Diego native The Gaslamp Killer who has built a reputation on energetic live shows. Let’s not fool ourselves one of the main reasons people will flock to Sunday more then any other day is the tag-team combo of Justice and Blondie. Both have inconsistent touring on the west coast and TBD Fest is one of their only dates in CA. These two are the highlights and in my opinion the whole entire show. The only way to enjoy this amazing festival is to nab tickets fast while you still can. I will see you all in Sacramento in October!



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