Song Of The Week: End Of The Affair By Ben Howard

tumblr_n75hdqhCIQ1tsn2p6o1_1280English singer/songwriter Ben Howard is poised to release his second album, I Forget Where We Were, later this year. One of the hardest working folk rock musicians in the business, Howard has been steadily releasing songs for the past few months to preview his upcoming album. With his most recent single, “End Of The Affair”, Howard turns out a moody track that you can feel in your bones. The song proves that Howard is aiming for a darker release, despite the primarily uplifting tracks on his last album.

 ben-howard-somersault-lewis-harrison-pinder-12“End Of The Affair” is a seven and a half minute long epic folk track that describes a man thinking about and seeing his lost love in his daily life. He sings about how he can see her moving on, while he is just drifting through life. Heartbreaking and powerful lyrics combined with the strumming of Howard’s guitar make this track his strongest new release yet. Starting off slowly before building into a momentous chorus, “End Of The Affair” speaks to anyone that has suffered a break-up and then must see their former significant other on a daily basis. Pain pulls this track to a whole new level and Howard shows off his lyrical talent as well as his already formidable instrumental skill. While this is only a piece of the ever-growing puzzle known as Howard’s new album, it is a very defining piece. This track is the best he has released in some time and I can only hope that the new album will reflect it.


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