Artist Of The Week: The 1975


English indie rock band, The 1975 are one of the hottest acts around. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Matt Healy, guitarist Adam Hann, drummer George Daniel and bassist Ross MacDonald. Based in Manchester, England the group has achieved enormous amounts of fame in a very short time. Having only just released their self-titled debut album last year, the band has amassed an extremely loyal following through the record and consistent touring around the world.

One of the bands that people either love or hate, the group has hit celebrity status at an alarming rate. The release of their hit single “Chocolate”, gained the band more exposure and popularity then expected. When their album was finally released it managed to snag the coveted number one spot on the UK Albums Chart. If you listen to their debut album you can certainly see why they have become such a huge success. They have everything they need to go far and beyond in the music industry.


With smooth vocals and a synth pop base, the band is geared heavily towards radio friendly air play. This is not necessarily a bad thing since it has pushed them into the spotlight, but with the fame it brings there will always be some dissenters. Of course this does not bother the band in the least as they have continued to dominate the charts with their singles and are currently in the midst of a tour in the states. Influenced by a variety of genres that include electro-pop, R&B and electronic music the group has discovered their unique ambient pop sound to be a huge hit with the public.

The 1975 Perform At The Royal Albert Hall In London

The rest of 2014 will be a landmark year for the band as they will use it to finish up their tour before returning home to work on a new album. The future looks bright for the UK foursome as they have proven that they have the style, look, sound and motivation to reach the upper tier of the music world. It is easy to say that a new band has potential to be the next big thing, but in The 1975’s case they have already reached that level and are on their way to even greater heights.

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