Festivals: Life Is Beautiful Update: Top 10 Non-Headliner Acts


The Las Vegas based music festival, Life Is Beautiful will be hitting the strip in late October and will be bringing a huge amount of talent from across the world. Only the second edition of the growing festival, LIB is poised to make a triumphant return. If you have followed my blog then you will have noticed that I have already written an article on the festival about the top ten acts to see. People enjoyed it enough to comment on why I had not focused more on the undercard? Well I think it is about time to remedy that problem by listing the top ten undercard acts to catch at this amazing festival. Also a very special thanks to the LIB social media staff for sharing my article on the festival, it was the jumpstart that I needed!

10. St. Paul & The Broken Bones stpaulbrokenbones_wide-f311aad329ef434b79c3a61e28d12f862f6f5c60-s4-c85The seven piece soul band called St Paul. & The Broken Bones (awesome, yet long name) from Birmingham, Alabama is on a tear through the states as they are performing almost everywhere this year. Bringing their upbeat soul infused rock to the stage, makes for a unique blend of modern and old styles. Even more impressive live the band has managed to capture the essence of artists like Charles Bradley and Mavis Staples. They have the ability to keep the audiences attention by merely being on stage. With a breakout performance set for LIB, St. Paul & The Broken Bones are ready to receive the adulation from the crowd they so rightfully deserve.

Recommended Tracks: “Call Me”, “I’m Torn Up”, “Sugar Dyed”


9. G-Eazy g-easy-2014-firefly-billboard-650American rapper and songwriter G-Eazy is one of the newest stars in the hip-hop scene. Having released his debut album These Things Happen, earlier this year the Oakland based rapper is looking to conquer LIB festival. With his album debuting at number three on the Billboard 200 Chart, G-Eazy saw a meteoric rise in popularity from around the world. With his smooth rapping style and catchy beats the bay area hip-hop don is making his mark. Selling out venues at a frantic pace, this is one show you do not want to miss and hear about later.

Recommended Tracks: “Shoot Me Down”, “I Mean It”, “Tumblr Girls”


8. RAC (Remix Artist Collective) 10897425445_cb1da09055_b

While having been around since 2007, the Remix Artist Collective known as RAC have just recently hit the big time. Over the years the group has released volumes of remixed material that have covered major artists like Foster The People, Kings Of Leon, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club and more. Simply not content by just covering them, the band implements the use of synthesizers, drums and various instrumentation to craft a unique take on tracks that have topped the charts worldwide. Currently touring their debut album Strangers, RAC is poised to make a huge splash on the live scene. Playing the remixed hits that put them on the map, as well as brand new tracks that will keep them there, do not miss out on an upbeat and highly danceable time.

Recommended Tracks: “Something Good Can Work(Remix)”, “Let Go”, “Repeating Motion”


7. Asgeir asgeir-102

All the way from Iceland, Asgeir is a multi-instrumentalist who has dominated the Icelandic music charts and is currently conquering the international scene as well. Bringing his mesmerizing melodic folk rock to the festival Asgeir is touring behind his debut album, In The Silence. In reality he had already released his first album in 2012 but it was only in Iceland. It became such a huge success that he recorded an english version that was released this year. His live shows are calculated affairs that make the audience feel as if they are floating through space. Soft crooning vocals backed by gentle instruments make for an incredible experience. Do not miss this rising singer-songwriter as he is quite possibly the next big thing. Following in the footsteps of other magnificent Icelandic artists like Sigur Ros, Of Monsters And Men and Bjork, Asgeir is the future of Icelandic folk rock.

Recommended Tracks: “King And Cross”, “Going Home”, “In Harmony”


6. The Orwells the_orwells56_website_image_wugd_standardSurveying the line-up you will discover that there is a strong lack of decent punk rock. Garage punk rock band The Orwells, are one of the only mosh pit inducing acts that fans will get during the three day event. All the way from Illinois the band is currently touring behind their fantastic second album Disgraceland. There is little to say about the album except that it is one of the best garage rock albums to be released in recent years. Catchy and fast paced the band knows there way around a loud and scintillating record, that comes at you at one hundred miles per hour. Despite their excellent album their reputation has been built solidly around their energetic live shows. Taking the word “rock” literally the band is in constant motion on stage as lead vocalist Mario Cuomo dives and rocks out into the crowd throughout the show. With an explosive live show and a brand new album prepare yourself for a head banging good time.

Recommended Tracks: “The Righteous One”, “Always N Forever”, “Mallrats (La la la)”


5. Tycho IMG_0344-600x415Scott Hansen also known as Tycho, is an American ambient music producer that resides in San Francisco, California. With four albums of beautifully crafted ambient music, Tycho is one of the secret highlights of the festival. Think of him as a cross between Explosions In The Sky and Bonobo, laid back electronic music that starts off slowly but can build up into a wall of sound. Tycho is a perfect afternoon set that will soothe you with intricate electronic grooves. Relax and kick up your feet for the chillest show of the weekend.

Recommended Tracks: “A Walk”, “See”, “Awake”


4. Dizzy Wright imgres-1Las Vegas’s very own Dizzy Wright is a fireball on stage and off. The up and coming rapper takes cues from Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) by embracing the stoner rap tradition. While many of his tracks focus on his adoration of weed, he has shown more depth in recent years by including a large variety of topics that range from women, sex, money and tough times. In a sense, Wright is a very traditional hip-hop artist that has an appreciation for old school hip-hop and styles that have just begun to take flight. Dizzy Wright will no doubt have a special set in store for his homecoming performance at LIB and who knows, perhaps a few guests will make an appearance. It would be a crime not to catch a set by one of sin cities most popular rappers.

Recommended Tracks: “Funk Volume 2013”, “State Of Mind”, “Killem With Kindness”


3. Matt & Kim right-on

One of the biggest dance parties of the whole entire weekend will be directed and started by the duo from Brooklyn, New York. Matt And Kim have one of the most prolific live shows in the festival scene today. Unending energy and four albums of electronic pop rock at its finest make for one heck of a good time. Starting out as beloved indie rockers the two hilarious and at times unpredictable artists have gone through a growing phase and have finally embraced their dance-till-you-drop attitude. Bouncy electronic music mixed with sharp hip-hop styled beats have created one of the most sought after live shows around. Matt And Kim will undoubtedly have one of the craziest performances of the festival with crowd surfing and party balloons to boot.

Recommended Tracks: “Daylight”, “It’s Alright”, “Cameras”


2. The Roots the-roots-group-mark-zibert

One of the most popular alternative, jazz, soul and hip-hop acts in the world, The Roots are a welcome addition to an already fantastic line-up. Formed in 1987, The Roots were pioneers in the approach to hip-hop shows with live instruments. While this has become the norm for many rappers today the band can proudly say that it was one of the few that made it popular. It is for this very reason that they can put on such a dynamic and exhilarating live performance. Mixing hip-hop and jazz to create a mean combo that sounds devilishly good to the ears is what The Roots are all about. With ten albums to choose from, the band has consistently put out critically acclaimed records that have continuously ranked them as one of the best hip-hop groups of all time. If you doubt this then take some time to see them live as they will blow your mind in more ways then one and could even become the highlight of your weekend.

Recommended Tracks: “The Seed (2.0)”, “Never”, “The Fire”, ”


1. Lionel Richie 450646674

If you were in the mood for some classic soul and R&B music then look no further then the legendary Lionel Richie. One of the biggest surprises of the whole entire festival, Richie is the most seasoned veteran on the bill and will bring the hits from over two decades of work. His long and successful career started in 1968 as a member of the funk/soul band the Commodores. Gaining recognition as the opening band for the Jackson 5 the Commodores began to rack up hit after hit. Richie as the lead singer brought the group huge amounts of fame, but Richie desired to strike out on his own and he went solo with his self-titled album that produced one of his biggest hits, “Truly”. Since then Richie has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and despite his age he has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last two years. There are many top notch festival veterans on the roster but Richie has surpassed the ages and is still in ass kicking form. With a setlist filled with chart topping hits and the charisma to match, you are looking at one of the best/nostalgic performances of the festival.

Recommended Tracks: “Fancy Dancer”, “Truly”, “Brick House”, “All Night Long”





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