Festivals: Stereosonic 2014, Top 10 Acts To See


The annual Australian music festival, Stereosonic is returning in November and early December of this year. The traveling event will hit five cities around the country and will bring some of the most popular and dance friendly acts in the world. Starting in 2007, the festival has grown from a single day to two, with international talent headlining both days. Taking cues from Ultra Music Festival and other massive dance parties around the world, Stereosonic has become Australia’s fastest growing premier EDM festival. Here is my top 10 acts to catch!

10. Foreign Beggars Foreign-Beggars-Promo-Pic

The British hip-hop and dubstep group are one of the more successful crossover acts in the EDM industry. Originally starting out as a hip-hop group, Foreign Beggars realized that it was more lucrative to fill venues with ravers rather then rap fans. Unwilling to let go of their past, they have managed to fuse together both genres to create a unique blend of dance. Frantic and gritty, the group has the power to cause a crowd to go crazy at a moments notice.

Recommended Tracks: “Still Getting It”, “Apex”, “Goon Bags”


9. NERVO Nervo-performing-at-Voodoo-City-Park-New-Orleans-LA-October-26th-2012-Photo-By-Marc-Nader-3944

One of the biggest hometown acts to play at this years festival, NERVO is ready to lay down the drops at Stereosonic. The two Australian sisters have taken the their countries EDM throne by storm in just a matter of years. Performing original material that sounds like classic house with a more jarring drop, the duo has discovered their very own style. Exciting to witness live, NERVO will get the crowds moving and grooving with their bass heavy set. Try to catch these electric ladies on their home turf in what has the potential to be a highlight of the weekend.

Recommended Tracks: “Revolution”, “Hold On”, “You’re Gonna Love Again”


8. Cosmic Gate cosmiclead2

Hard trance masters, Cosmic Gate are one of the most jump friendly artists on the roster. The German duo are known for their fantastic live shows that become a limb shaking affair. One of the most road weary artists on the bill, Cosmic Gate play an excess of over 100 shows a year in various countries around the world. Taking you on a fast paced thrill ride that ends much too abruptly, the duo will most likely play during the middle of the day. However you will wish that they were playing at night so you can experience the full effect of their mind bending light show. Cross your fingers and hope that festival organizers realize the awesomeness that is Cosmic Gate.

Recommended Tracks: “Falling Back”, “Sparks After The Sunset”, “Happyness”


7. Porter Robinson 


American music producer and DJ Porter Robinson, has seen a massive rise in popularity since he began recording and performing live in 2010. At the age of 18 he had already begun his career and now at the age of 22 he has become one of the most popular electronic artists in the United States. Having just released his debut album, Worlds, Robinson is ready to ascend even higher into the ranks of the dance music greats. The new album touches on a growing trend among electronic artists. Some people call this unique style indietronica. Mixing catchy dance beats with indie alternative rock makes for a surprisingly upbeat and ethereal atmosphere that can get a crowd going at any time of the day. Robinson may be young but he knows how to play the game and will no doubt put on one hell of a show.

Recommended Tracks: “Sad Machine”, “Lionhearted”, “Sea Of Voices”


6. Hot Since 82 


With one of the fastest growing fan bases in the world Daley Padley or more commonly known by his stage moniker, Hot Since 82 is the newest rising act in the dance world. The 30-year old DJ from Leeds, UK has taken his house/techno show on the road and has been touring everywhere since 2012 when he was discovered. Despite his age Padley is still relatively new to the EDM scene but his live shows are indicative of future stardom. Heavy house remixes that make you want to jump and sway are Padley’s bread and butter. Catch him before he becomes too big to see, you will not regret it.

Recommended Tracks: “Somebody Everybody”, “Like You”, “Don’t Touch The Alarm”


5. Ferry CorstenFerry Corsten Press shots

An artist that has been around since 1989, Ferry Corsten or more affectionately referred to as System F is set to soothe the crowd with a barrage of techno and trance. The Dutch DJ has made his mark by releasing hundreds of tracks and touring non-stop throughout the world. He is a constant reminder that trance is not dead, merely evolving at its own pace. Having collaborated and worked with the majority of top DJ’s in the business, Corsten knows what people crave. He has cemented his place in the highly competitive EDM industry by shaping and forming his own style of trance/techno that has kept him in the spotlight even today.

Recommended Tracks: “Festival Crash”, “Beautiful”, “Loops & Tings”


4. Tiesto p01zpzf5

Throughout the years there has always been one constant name that has been in rotation in the EDM community. That name belongs to legendary Dutch DJ/producer Tiesto, who has been at the top of the dance world for more then a decade. Starting out as a trance maestro, Tiesto has been very accepting of more hard hitting house and electronic beats in recent years. While some people may turn their nose at his more “mainstream” leanings, you must never forget that he was a pioneer of the trance movement and will most certainly play a few of these hits during his set at Stereosonic. Look forward to a performance that will cover his extensive discography and expect a few original remixes thrown in as well.

Recommended Tracks: “Adagio For Strings”, “Red Lights”, “Carpe Noctum”


3. Disclosure (DJ set) disclosure-love

The English duo comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have become one of the most popular electronic acts in the world. Disclosures debut album titled Settle, was nominated at the 2013 Grammy awards for the Best/Electronica Album. With this boost in exposure the duo has toured around the world, selling out venue after venue. With a ridiculous amount of commercial success, Disclosure has earned their co-headlining slot at this years festival. Don’t be fooled by the “DJ Set” at the end of their name, because this just gives them more leeway to remix their original material plus other notable DJ tracks. With a unique sound and live show, Disclosure is set to bring the house down at Stereosonic.

Recommended Tracks: “Latch”, “You & Me”, “White Noise”


2. Skrillex Skrillex

If you are looking to dance (or just jump up and down at a rapid pace), then Skrillex is the show for you. Grammy award winning DJ and producer Sonny Moore is ready to bring the womp womp to Australia. Known by the world as “Skrillex”, Moore has developed his own version of dubstep and has become the face of the genre. Skrillex plays shows all over the world and is one of the top DJ’s for good reason. His live shows transcend a simple DJ set and morph into an intense, sweaty dance party that he controls with the flip of a switch. While he has his dissenters, Skrillex is still one of the most exciting EDM acts around and if his live shows are anything to go by, he will continue to be the kingpin of dubstep for many years to come.

Recommended Tracks: “First Of The Year-Equinox”, “Bangarang”, “Ease My Mind”


1. Calvin Harris calvin-harris-spectrum-remix

Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris is one of the biggest names in dance music today. He has dominated the dance and electronic charts with his 2012 album, 18 Months. It is an impressive feat to still be one of the most sought after DJ’s in the world with an album two years old. However, if you look at the statistics then it becomes more clear. His third album produced nine top singles on the UK charts and is the first album in history to do so. Boosted by this incredible rise in popularity, Harris has been touring the world non-stop and has ascended into the top tier of the EDM industry. Armed with an album full of chart topping singles and a mesmerizing light show, Harris is a shoo-in for headliner of the weekend. The field at the festival will be turned into one massive dance party and in terms of age will attract the largest crowd to be seen at the festival. Prepare to dance to one of the top DJ’s in the world!

Recommended Tracks: “Feel So Close”, “Blame”, “I Need Your Love”



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