Concert News: X Japan, Melodies and Metal


Japanese musicians have never really hit it big in the U.S. and there is a good reason why. The language barrier is one thing but Japanese artists have slightly different styles that for whatever reason does not get the attention it deserves in America. However, that will not stop X Japan who are one of the largest Japanese heavy metal bands from performing a one-off show at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. One of the pioneers of the Visual Kei movement, X Japan is one of the most successful rock bands in Japanese history.

Formed in 1982, X Japan has all the proponents to be a popular metal band around the world. Mixing power metal with symphonic elements the band has crafted a unique sound that is frantic but at the same time soothing and melodic. X Japan is the most difficult act to see live since they do not perform regularly in the U.S. and enjoy more exposure in Asia. While they did tour the U.S. for a select few dates in 2010, these were smaller productions in medium sized venues. The band thrives in arena’s because this allows them to show off their insane live show that implements bright lights, shooting flames, confetti and a wild energy that consumes the crowd.


Despite still being relatively unknown all of this could change after their show at MSG. Depending on how well the band is received in New York there could be a resurgence of popularity internationally and in the states for the seasoned band. Here is to hoping that it is a huge success, because I would be overjoyed to see them embark on a full length tour of the states.





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