Concert News: Kasabian, Rock To Watch


UK based stadium rock band Kasabian is one of the hottest acts to see in Europe. Having recently headlined the gigantic Glastonbury Music Festival earlier this year, Kasabian has delivered a statement to the world, and that statement is “Kasabian is here to stay”. Currently touring Europe and the U.S. behind their most recent album, 48:13, the band is proving to be one of the most exciting live acts people in America have never heard of.

The band was formed in 1997, and consists of lead vocalist Tom Meighan, guitarist/vocalist Sergio Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards and drummer Ian Matthews. Creating a potent mix of neo-psychedelica, rock n’ roll and electronic beats the group is a non-stop powerhouse on record and on stage. Despite their growing success, many people in Europe are at odds with their cocky and in-your face attitude. Whether this is for show or not does not mean too much to the band. They are riding a wave of popularity that will only get bigger as time goes on.

Kasabian-frontman-Tom-Mei-007Striking it big in Europe, the last couple of years have been landmark occasions for the band. However many people in the states have still never heard of them. Whether it is because of bad promotion or that people have still not caught on to the hard-hitting stadium rock sounds Kasabian has developed, it is a real shame that they are not better known. With five albums of fiery rock and roll Kasabian is an energetic live act that demands your attention on stage. They have a string of shows in the U.S. during the months of September and October before returning to Europe, so be sure to see them live. Love them or hate them, Kasabian is one of the best experimental rock acts to come out of the UK in quite some time.




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