Head To Head: Jack White vs Beck


This is a brand new segment of my blog called “Head To Head”. Do not let your imagination run wild and think that I am fantasizing about two musicians going at it in a steel cage death match, because that is ridiculous… or is it (It totally is). Basically what I will be writing about is which two selected artists are better then one another in terms of talent, records, accomplishments and live performances. Of course an article like this may sound biased but some people may agree or at least take a moment to think about it. So find a comfortable cushion on which to place your butt because the literary showdown between Jack White and Beck is about to begin.

Jack White screen-shot-2014-08-14-at-1-46-46-pm

Notable Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Mandolin, Bass and Marimba

Secret Weapons: “Seven Nation Army”, ” Steady As She Goes”, “Lazaretto”, “Love Interruption”

Look out! The busiest man in the music industry and guitar virtuoso Jack White is in the building. Easily one of the most talented guitarists in the world today, White is the knight in shining armor that repeatedly comes in to save the rock world. Okay that might have been a little too dramatic, but it is true that he is one of the most well known artists in the world. Having won eight Grammy Awards and some serious props from all of his peers White is more then ready to take the world by storm.

It may be a little late for this but if you somehow do not know who Jack White is maybe you have heard of his other bands? Perhaps you have heard of a little old band called The White Stripes? Or maybe The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather? All of these critically acclaimed bands are under the guidance of the man from Michigan. Along with his solo work, White has created a near indescribable live setting. Being able to pull chart topping singles from any of his older work plus his solo material makes for a dynamic and exhilarating experience. With the charisma and guitar thrashing chops to match his massive discography, White is making his case to be the best modern rocker in the world today.


Beck tumblr_kq4ooovebG1qa10w8o1_400

Notable Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Banjo, Slide Guitar, Glockenspiel, Kalimba, Vocoder, Sitar and Beatboxing

Secret Weapons: “Loser”, “E-Pro”, “Where It’s At”, “Girl”

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Beck is one of the most endearing acts from the 90’s that is still around today. With twelve genre spanning albums to choose from along with his most recent effort, titled Morning Phase, Beck has discovered a resurgence in popularity. The king of cool, Beck has created his own unique style while performing live that brings the crowd together and feels like more of an intimate gathering then a concert. Don’t get me wrong he can still rock just as hard as anyone, but the way he connects with the audience is more personal then anything. He gives his fans love and they give it back to him two-fold.

Always pushing the boundaries on each album release, Beck has earned himself a reputation for unpredictable albums and songs. This factor makes him always seem fresh and new, no matter how much time has passed. While playing at random festivals and venues in the last couple of years, Beck has developed a strong set that pays homage to his older more experimental material as well as his recent work. Whether he entertains you with a guitar riff before switching to a glockenspiel while simultaneously beatboxing, Beck is one of the most talented modern day American songwriters of our generation.


Winner: Jack White 

Exciting, relevant and constantly releasing new material. White is the apex predator in the modern rock world. He is headlining rosters across the world for a reason. Through sheer talent and the ability to craft catchy tracks, Jack White is looking at future legendary status among the rock n’ roll greats.



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