Kanye West’s New Album Is Close To Being Finished


One of the most polarizing figures in the music industry today, Kanye West has been flying under the radar for the last couple of months. The radical hip-hop star has mentioned at various times that he has been working on a new album and that he plans to release it in the fall. This album is the follow to last years critically acclaimed Yeezus, that took West’s experimental hip-hop to the next level.

With the already announced lead single “All Day”, supposedly being dropped in a couple weeks there is tangible evidence that he could be releasing the album this year. Just last month news sources said various artists have already confirmed that they will be collaborating with West. Some of these artists include Pusha T, Mike Dean and Theophilus London.

Perhaps some of the biggest evidence to pop up that proves the new album is complete, occurred last night. In Paris, West had a listening party during Paris Fashion Week and Theophilus London was in attendance. He posted on Instagram that it was in fact the new album. However with only twenty people in the room official confirmation will still be needed. Regardless, the most controversial and exciting rapper is readying his return. Look out! Its almost time for another year of Kanye.



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