Björk confirms work on new album and is working with Kanye producer


Experimental pop singer Björk has confirmed that she is working on her new album, which is the follow up to her 2011 album Biophilia. Recently she has announced that the album will be co-produced by Alejandro Ghersi also known as Arca. The producer has previously worked on albums with Kanye West and rising artist FKA Twigs.

The album will no doubt be a trippy and at the same time beautiful ride. Björk is one of the best experimental artists in the world and her highly anticipated album will put shoot her back into the spotlight. In the meantime while fans wait for a release date and maybe even a world tour, the Icelandic songstress is set to release a concert film called Björk: Biophilia Live to showcase her amazing performances on her most recent tour. Fans are waiting impatiently for the new album that has yet to have an official release date but heres to hoping it is sometime next year.


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