Muse begins work on seventh album

-The-2nd-Law-promo-photoshoot-by-Gavin-Bond-2013-muse-33642528-1293-863Anthemic stadium rockers Muse have been keeping pretty silent as of late. The UK rock band only performed a few select dates this year and have stayed out of the media spotlight. This is all about to change in the coming months as drummer Dom Howard just posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “set up has started!”.

This is very good news for fans around the world and while it is more of a tease then anything at least we know the band has started on their highly anticipated seventh album. Their last album The 2nd Law was released in 2012 and was stylistically different then their previous albums. Incorporating glitchy dubstep and electronica the album was equally praised and criticized. before heading into the studio the band said that it wanted their next album to be more guitar heavy and if any band can live up to that, its Muse.




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