Guns N’ Roses reportedly have two albums almost ready to be released

Guns N' Roses live at Allphones Arena, Sydney. (Photo: Ashley Mar/Triple M)

Fans of the seasoned rock band Guns N’ Roses will be overjoyed to hear that the band has not one, but two albums almost fully recorded. During an interview with current guitarist DJ Ashba at Guitar International, he spilled the beans that longtime member and lead vocalist Axl Rose has almost completed the recording of two brand new albums. This will be the follow up to their 2008 album, Chinese Democracy.

In the interview Ashba stated “Axl, of course, has, I believe, two complete albums worth of songs already recorded and probably a shitload of other stuff I’ve never heard,” he said. “He’s played me quite a bit of stuff that’s phenomenal, and, hopefully, I can get my hands on it and put my little stamp on it, before all is said and done.”

Guns N' Roses And Sebastian Bach Perform At The Joint At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

While there is of course more to it then what Ashba has previously stated, this is still tremendous news for fans of the iconic band. New material could also mean another world tour and the chance to see one of the more controversial bands in the industry. Love them or hate them, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have earned the respect of the music world with their classic records and fiery live performances. Stay tuned for more details in regards to the official release dates and tracklists of the albums.





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