Crystal Castles manager says that the band may not be over despite the loss of Alice Glass


Only hours after the indie electronic band officially disbanded, the manager of Crystal Castles is warning people to not completely write off the band as broken up. While being interviewed by NME the tour manager had this to say on the subject: “There will be twists and turns ahead for Crystal Castles, I wouldn’t bury the dead just yet!”

This all started early on October 8th when Alice Glass announced that she would be leaving the band to start her own solo career. In her post she said that she was leaving for “personal and professional” reasons. It is hard to imagine the band continuing on without Glass, since she played a huge part in their live shows and has been featured on all three of their albums.


It will be very interesting to see if the band does continue performing and recording music. Will it have a completely different sound and style of play? Perhaps it will even feature a male lead vocalist or co-founding member, Ethan Kath will make it into a solo project himself. Regardless it is somewhat comforting to know that their is a chance some semblance of the band will still be intact in the future.


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