Pink Floyd say tour seems unlikely, but the new material would be “fun to play”


With details about the new album already out it was only going to be a matter of time before touring details were released. Unfortunately Pink Floyd may be going in a different direction in this particular category. Nick Mason says the band are unlikely to perform their new album The Endless River live because it wouldn’t lend itself to being played in stadiums. The drummer also said it would be difficult to perform without the late band member Richard Wright, who died in 2008.

In an interview with Gigwise Mason had this to say on the touring plans of the band. “It would be fun to play live, but it doesn’t actually lend itself to a proper tour. It’s something that you could play in UFO Club in 1967, it certainly isn’t a stadium sort of event, and without Rick it’s probably impossible. It’s impossible to play, because the nature of it is that a lot of it is designed there and then – if one played it again, you wouldn’t want to repeat what was one the record. It’s not something where you learn it and play it.” This unfortunate news means that there does not seem to be a very good chance of a live tour, but this will still be the bands first new material in years. The album is set to be released on November 10th and will be the bands final album.




3 thoughts on “Pink Floyd say tour seems unlikely, but the new material would be “fun to play”

  1. if roger waters can do it! so can you and dave!!!! have some balls lads! get on the road again and give us floyd fans something to look forward to!!! pink floyd forever man!!!

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