Pink Floyd could reunite for the “Right Benefit”, Nick Mason


There has always been speculation on a reunion for the legendary rock band Pink Floyd. With a brand new album out it seemed as if it could become a reality, until they announced that they would most likely not be touring the new material. However, recently drummer Nick Mason has not ruled out the possibility of performing with the remaining members of the band (this includes Roger Waters).

In an interview Mason said “I would do something for a real cause of charity, something similar to Live 8.” For that 2005 concert, Waters, Mason, David Gilmour and Richard Wright reunited for a short four song set. Unfortunately this was deemed as one of the bands final performances as Waters had already left the band in 1986 and Wright died in 2008.

While this news is more speculation then anything it is comforting to know that at least one of the band members is not opposed to the idea of a special concert. The world needs a little more Pink Floyd. Check out the bands performance in 2005 below.

2 thoughts on “Pink Floyd could reunite for the “Right Benefit”, Nick Mason

  1. One can only wish.
    RIP Richard Wright, the rest of Pink Floyd can still get together and do a memorial gig in.his favour.
    Shine on…


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