Bring Me The Horizon reunite with former guitarist Curtis Ward at Wembley Arena gig, play “Pray For Plagues” – Watch


English metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon played the largest gig of their careers at the famed Wembley Arena last night (Dec. 5th). Turning the venue into a massive mosh pit and firing off an explosive thirteen song setlist. Included was a special guest performance with former guitarist Curtis Ward who left the band in 2009.

Ward was received with applause from the crowd before lead frontman of the band Oli Sykes said, “we’ve been a band for ten years and it’s given us a lot of time to think. We know you want us to play a song we really don’t want to play, but we’re gonna play it as long as everyone makes a lot of noise for Curtis Ward”. The band then proceeded to play rare fan favorite “Pray For Plagues”, the opening track from their 2006 debut album Count Your Blessings.

The bands popularity has increased dramatically in a short time and there is no telling what heights the band will go to next. Check out the band performing “Pray For Plagues” along with the concerts thirteen song setlist.

Bring Me The Horizon setlist:

Shadow Moses
Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake
The House of Wolves
Diamonds Aren’t Forever
It Never Ends
And the Snakes Start to Sing
Alligator Blood
Empire (Let Them Sing)
Chelsea Smile
Pray for Plagues (with former guitarist Curtis Ward)
Blessed with a Curse
Hospital for Souls
Can You Feel My Heart

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