Gerard Way misses the “theatricality of My Chemical Romance”

gerard_finalDesat11Gerard Way, the former frontman of the now disbanded pop punk band My Chemical Romance has stated that he misses certain aspects of his old band. The singer fronted the band until their abrupt split in 2013 and has since released a solo album of original material titled, Hesitant Alien. In an interview with NME, Way went into more detail on his old band.

Speaking about MCR, Way had this to say on the subject. “I definitely miss the theatricality of it a little bit, now that I’ve gotten not doing something theatrical out of my system, I feel like it would be nice to get back into concepts again, maybe explore some more visual stuff.” If you listened to his recent solo album it was a solid tribute to Brit rock and was not something that fans of MCR were completely used to. This does not mean the album was a failure, but it did move away from what Way and MCR were known for, bombastic and catchy pop punk that flowed with an enormous amount of energy and passion.

While this could mean that Way might return to the over the top song writing that fans have come to love for his next album, only time will tell. For the time being Way will continue to tour in support of his most recent album so catch him in a city near you.

Check out Gerard Way performing at Reading Festival in his live debut below.



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