Blink-182 begins rehearsals after the breakup, Travis Barker talks about Tom DeLonge’s departure

blink182It has only been a few day since the drama began in the popular pop punk band, Blink-182. Vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band through confusing series of messages and statements. His former band members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have voiced their opinions on the subject as well.

travis-barker-main-630-80In an interview with KROQ Travis Barker had this to say on the departure of DeLonge. “No phone call from Tom, it was always his management just says ‘Don’t bug Tom, Tom’s out. Leave him alone.’ It comes to the point where you can’t make anybody do anything.”

Barker said he wishes things were handled much differently. “I’m a more confrontational person,” he said. “I’d rather talk to the source and work it out, figure it out. I don’t like playing tennis — you say this, I say that. It’s childish. That’s for like Housewives of Atlanta. He’s absolutely still my friend, it’s just he doesn’t want to play in a band. It’s like a chick. You’re not gonna make a chick that says, ‘Hey I don’t want to see you indefinitely and I don’t know how long, I might not want to see you forever.’ You’re not going to be like ‘You get over here. You play with me right now.'”

“I’ve always had to cover up for him,” Barker said. “Finally it’s just out. He doesn’t want to record. He hasn’t wanted to record. We’ve tried recording four or five times. We’ve catered to him. We’ve got label interest. We did everything he wanted to do and then his manager still sends us an email saying Tom’s out.”

The only good news is that the band have decided not to break up and that there are even rehearsals in the works. Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba will fill in for DeLonge at the Musink Festival in March, but it seems that it is not permanent. Check out a picture of the rehearsal room on Mark Hoppus’s Instagram.

blink-182 rehearsals

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