Foo Fighters confirmed to be headlining Glastonbury Music Festival

foo-fighters-fb-2014-smallerHuge news for fans of the massive Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK! Dave Grohl and co. of the Foo Fighters are the first of three headliners announced for the event. The news was revealed during their acceptance speech for Best International Band at the NME Music Awards.


While the band was unable to attend the ceremony they did send a video of them accepting the award and announcing that they would in fact be playing the legendary festival. In the video Dave Grohl had this to say “Thank you Chrissie for presenting this award to us, this is amazing, we love you very much, but we also love all of the fans for voting for our band for this award. We’re very thankful and very happy – sorry we couldn’t make it tonight, but we will be seeing you over the summer at some big outdoor festival that nobody knows we’re playing. It’s Glastonbury! So we’ll see you at Glastonbury – thanks a lot everybody!”

Get ready Glastonbury, Foo season is approaching. Check out the band performing live below.


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