Brandon Flowers teases new solo material, new album The Desired Effect to be released in May

B3e60b0CQAAlRxMThe charismatic frontman of Las Vegas based band The Killers, Brandon Flowers has just released a teaser for his highly anticipated sophomore solo album, The Desired Effect. This will be the follow up to 2010’s Flamingo, that was critically praised and even managed to become number one in the UK.

On Flowers official website a 30 second video simply titled “KEYS” was posted and features a hand moving to the short instrumental track. It is unknown if this is part of a song in the works, but what we do know that with this short teaser Flowers is finally gearing up for the albums release on May 18th.


Flowers is currently working with producer Ariel Rechtshaid and in an interview with NME he had this to say on the subject. “Even though I’m still young, you can start to get set in your ways. Change is good and there’s always growth, I’m always looking for that.”

“It’s nice to steer the ship and that’s what you’d think I’d do on my own album, but I’m letting Ariel take over every now and then. That’s led to some really exciting things and sounds I would never have used. As I’ve gotten older I’m much more open to that – I’m much more open to peoples’ strengths and really trying to utilise them – and that’s where Ariel comes into the picture. He’s really knowledgeable about every genre; it’s pretty incredible what he’s able to reference and pull out. It’s definitely going to be different, but I’m still in the thick of it, hammering away.”

Brandon Flowers is also apparently going to be on the road performing as he has just announced another festival date at the Squamish Valley Music Festival. With more details on his new album to be released you can expect more tour dates to be announced.

Check out the teaser video below.



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