Morrissey will perform four nights at the Sydney Opera House, Meat has been banned

1e7e832d45758a494eb7289be8991514Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has announced that he will be performing four nights in MAy at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. He will perform on May 26th, 27th, 28th and the 29th. One of the major dealbreakers in his return to Australia was that the venue did not serve meat.

The Opera House quickly obliged and was able to book Morrissey for their annual Vivid Music Festival that takes place at the venue. To satisfy the ‘Moz’ the Sydney Opera House has agreed that meat will not be served backstage or to the public at any “Concert Hall-associated venues”. This includes the foyer, theatre bars and Bistro Mozart.

This will be a rare residency run by Morrissey and with the promise of no meat to be served as he performs this could be a surefire way to catch the ‘Moz’ in all of his greatness. Check out Morrissey performing live below.


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