Mumford & Sons debut new Radiohead and Led Zeppelin inspired track “Believe”- Listen

2015_MumfordSons_Press_1_020215It is finally here! The first taste of Mumford & Sons highly anticipated Wilder Mind album. The first tack fans get to hear is the highly upbeat all electric guitar song titled, “Believe”.

In an interview that talked aout the bands turn to more electric sounding material Mumford and Sons had this to say on the subject, “It was really as a result of that that we went away knowing that we’d come back to a certain sound,” frontman Marcus Mumford said. “It didn’t feel like a huge departure in some way, you know? It felt kind of natural to us. It sounds kind of like a jolt or something, but for us it was just where we were headed. We were never too heavily wedded to a certain type of instrument.”

Mumford went on to point out Wilder Mind’s notable use of space, an element that was inspired by their favorite records from Radiohead and Fleetwood Mac. “I think all our favorite bands have albums that are really urgent, but they have so much space in them,” he explained.

“You listen to an Old Crow album, and there’s not a huge amount of space there. But you listen to a Led Zeppelin album and suddenly you actually hear the space because it’s more defined by less of the noise going on. All our favorite bands, from Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac to Radiohead, all go about it in interesting ways, and especially with a very lyrical band like ours, you have to be even more intentional about space.”

Check out “Believe” below.


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