Deftones say new album is inspired by Morrissey


In a recent interview with NME magazine Deftones frontman Chino Moreno discussed the inspiration behind his band’s new album set for release on September 25th. The as yet untitled record will be their first since the death of bass player Chi Cheng in 2013.

Moreno described the sound of the LP as “out of the box”, adding that it’s “full of keyboards and a lot of cool, spacey low frequencies” as well as “organic jams”.
morrissey2The singer also revealed that former iconic Smiths frontman Morrissey was an influence on the record. “I’ve been on this crazy Morrissey kick recently, totally obsessing over his solo records so I brought a lot of that to the table,” Moreno said. “On those early solo records, he uses this awesome, Elvis-y delay on his vocal that I’ve been ripping off a ton. He’s always been a favourite lyricist of mine, the beautiful poetic melancholy of it all.”

Moreno also confirmed that there will “definitely be heavy elements to the album”. “As usual for us the jagged and coarse bits only make the sweeter parts even sweeter,” he added. Catch Deftones on tour with Incubus this summer and keep your ears perked for more album details.



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