Brandon Flowers and New Order frontman Bernard Sumners perform “Bizarre Love Triangle” – Watch


Brandon Flowers had a very special guest in the form of New Order frontman Bernard Sumner, who joined The Killer’s frontman onstage at his Manchester show on Sunday night (May 24). 

Flowers headlined Manchester Academy in support of his new solo album The Desired Effect. Flowers invited Sumner to perform New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” at the show, preceding the team-up with a brief speech about how he first discovered the band whilst watching MTV as a youngster.

thekillersv_778x436It was recently confirmed that Brandon Flowers is working in the studio with New Order. Flowers’ band The Killers are named after a fictional group from the video for New Order’s 2001 single “Crystal”. Flowers has sometimes appeared onstage with the band to perform “Crystal”, most recently in Manchester in 2013, but this is the first time the two artists have worked in the studio together. It isn’t yet known if they are working on New Order’s new album or a Flowers solo outing.

Watch footage of the performance below.


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