The Replacements call it quits, R.I.P. you “Bastards Of Young”


Iconic punk rock band The Replacements three-year reunion has finally come to an end. Frontman Paul Westerberg announced during the band’s set at Optimus Primavera Sound that it would be their final time together on stage.

Westerberg told the audience that the band stayed at their hotel instead of attending soundcheck. “Lazy bastards to the end,” he declared before smashing his guitar on stage. In 2012, Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson reunited to record a benefit EP for their former bandmate Slim Dunlap, who suffered a severe stroke. The following year, the duo headlined Riot Fest’s installments in Toronto, Denver, and Chicago, marking The Replacements’ first live performances in 22 years.

the-replacements-at-forest-hills-stadium-papeo-10Touring periodically for the next couple of years The Replacements have proven that they can still make the crowd move with a furious wave of nostalgia. Who knows if the band will ever return, but at least their short return to the stage proved once and for all that these rockers are worthy of the legendary status they will/already recieved.

Check out the band performing “Alex Chilton” below.


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