Mad Season surviving members recording new material!


Former Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready and drummer Barrett Martin have confirmed that they are in the studio cutting new tracks. The pair formed a reunion gig featuring Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell at the mic.

On Tuesday night Martin announced on his Facebook that the group is currently in the studio working on new music alongside Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

New music for the one-time Seattle supergroup may not exactly mean “new.” In 2013, Martin and McCready worked alongside McKagan, Peter Buck, and Mark Lanegan on material that dated back to the late ’90s and was originally written for Mad Season’s follow up to Above. The decision to continue with the moniker shouldn’t be to hard to imagine from die hard fans, and Martin has always been forthcoming about his work with the band.

“Well, I am usually doing some kind of project with either Peter [Buck] or Mike [McCready], so we’re always kind of working together,” Martin told Alternative Nation last year. “For example, Mike and I worked on the Mad Season reissue for about a year last year, and we also recorded another album of Mad Season songs last year, in addition to the Tuatara tracks we did. And Peter has played with Walking Papers live, and there are always studio sessions that I am producing where I’ll need an acoustic guitar player and Peter is always my first call. So really, I’m always working with these guys in some form or another. And its always an honor to work with two of the best guitarists of my generation, I always remember that.”


One thought on “Mad Season surviving members recording new material!

  1. This is exciting
    Duff’s involvement isn’t a surprise really. He’s kinda been on the fringe of these grungy music circles
    I’m excited :->
    Loved the re-issue by the way ! The vinyl is outstanding


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