After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe found dead, RIP


Sad news for After The Burial fans everywhere. Guitarist Justin Lowe was found dead in Wisconsin on Tuesday night (July 21st).

Lowe left the band recently with a very disturbing announcement. He went on a conspiracy-filled rant on his reasons for leaving that included a series of events involving the alleged sabotage of his computer, a set up that included the staging of a friend’s death and allegations of drugs, abuse and sexual impropriety.

Over the weekend, Lowe’s sister began posting that her brother had gone one missing. According to, the story came to its conclusion Tuesday night when a hiker discovered Lowe’s body beneath the Arcola High Bridge near Somerset, Wis. Lowe’s vehicle had been found on the Minnesota side of the bridge, which had been the primary focus of the initial search.

Authorities believe that the cause of his death was a fall. The guitarist was 32 years old. RIP Justin Lowe you will not be forgotten.



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