Blink-182 and Matt Skiba officially recording new music together


In a new piece with Billboard, Blink-182 member Mark Hoppus has confirmed that Matt Skiba is no longer just a part-time, touring member of the band. Skiba will be a permanent fixture within Blink-182 after the departure of Tom DeLonge.

In the meantime, Hoppus continues with Blink-182. He said the threesome — with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba replacing original guitarist Tom DeLonge — will head back into the studio in August.

With this quote, Skiba and Blink-182 are now confirmed to start recording new material together starting next month. AlternativeNation had the chance to interview Skiba back in April, during the interview Matt discussed the pressures of replacing Tom Delonge:

In the punk rock world, nothing like that has ever happened before. When I was just learning the songs, Mark joked, “Don’t worry, everyone’s just going to be staring at you and judging you.” From the time that they asked me to play with them to the first show, all I did was learn Blink songs. When I would go to the gym, for a run, or a hike, I would go over the set. We decided on the setlist early on in rehearsals so I knew what I would be playing. We rehearsed five days a week. As we got better and the date got closer, I got more comfortable with everything. The pressure was always there but it began to feel like a band rather than I was just replacing Tom.

And also addressed if there is any bad blood between him and the former Blink-182 guitarist:

No, I haven’t been in contact with Tom at all, but we have always been friends and had a good relationship. My role as replacing him in these shows is nothing personal. The guys asked me to play with them and I said absolutely and it was nothing to spite of Tom. Every experience I had with Tom was positive while touring with him in the past. So, there is no bad blood between us, or at least not from my end.

Get ready Blink fans a new band is about to emerge!



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