Gregg Allman at Peach Fest talks about Allman Brothers reunion

gregg-allman-via-concord-recordsThe Allman Brothers-curated Peach Festival has returned this weekend! With the booking of headliner Gregg Allman and other members of the recently disbanded Allman Brothers Band there has been speculation on a reunion. 

Unfortunately this may take longer to occure then fans would probably like. In an interview with Rollng Stone Gregg Allman says that fans shouldn’t expect a full-blown ABB reunion at Peach. “It’s a coincidence that we are on the same bills, because we are booked by different people. They don’t book us together so we can jam.” Gregg went on to share about the potential for a future reunion of The Allman Brothers Band. “Check with me in two or four years — I don’t know the timeline — but if we did [reunite], we’d do it right. And to do it right, we’d do a whole damn tour. I’m not ruling that out, and I never did.”


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