Keith Richards says Metallica and Black Sabbath are rock music’s “great jokes”


In a new interview with The New York Daily News, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones once again proved to be very candid. Richards took the opportunity to voice his opinion about the state of rock and roll in general.

“It sounds like a dull thud to me,” said Richards. “For most bands, getting the syncopation is beyond them. It’s endless thudding away, with no bounce, no lift, no syncopation.” But he wasn’t just talking about modern rock. He took issue with the entirety of metal music, saying, “Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath. I just thought they were great jokes.”

Richards also doubled down on his disparaging remarks regarding The Beatles, whose Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band he recently called “a mish-mash of rubbish.” In his Daily News interview, he said he thought The Beatles “weren’t in sync with each other” during their landmark Shea Stadium performance in 1965.

And he didn’t stop at guitar-based music, either. “Rap — so many words, so little said,” Richards said with a laugh. “What rap did that was impressive was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there. All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they’re happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can’t tell one note from another.”


3 thoughts on “Keith Richards says Metallica and Black Sabbath are rock music’s “great jokes”

  1. Look, Keith Richards is a washed up hasbeen. He’s got a new album coming out and the only way people will pay any attention to him or his album is if he says negative shit about bands that people actually listen to. FUCK KEITH, FUCK THE STONES


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