Soundgarden confirm that they have “A Bunch Of New Songs”


In a brand new interview with Gibson, Chris Cornell has revealed that Soundgarden have “a bunch of new songs”. These tracks will presumeably be on the bands highly anticipated new album that is hopefully coming out in the near future. 

“We have a bunch of new songs, and we’re working on them, and things are going really great. It’s really fun, and we’re definitely on the ground and running towards the next Soundgarden record. Everybody’s really motivated and so far. It’s been a great experience working on it.”

Cornell also discussed working with producer Brendan O’Brien on his solo material, “Since Superunknown, I’ve kind of just done it myself. I sit and engineer and record my own vocals, and it just tends to come out more raw and more immediate and not poured over so much. I come up with ideas. I don’t have to communicate anything. I don’t have to rely on someone else’s ear. Most people’s ears I don’t trust, and I don’t trust them because they don’t hear what I hear. It becomes difficult. So, I’ve just done it alone, for the most part. And the couple of experiences I’ve had not doing it alone, I wasn’t happy, with the exception of Revelations. I was very surprised by what a great experience I had with Brendan.”


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