Roger Waters attacks Bon Jovi for their upcoming concert in Israel


Roger Waters has just recently criticised Bon Jovi ahead of their upcoming concert in Israel.

The former Pink Floyd bassist criticised the band for choosing to play in Tel Aviv tomorrow night (October 3) accusing frontman Jon Bon Jovi and his band mates of standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel before listing many of the casualties suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government in an open letter in Salon.


Check out Waters’ entire letter to Bon Jovi below:

Dear Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan and Tico Torres,

Often in the past I have written detailed, and sometimes even persuasive, letters to colleagues in the music business, encouraging them not to give succor to the Israeli government’s apartheid policies by performing in Israel.

Having read Jon’s comments last week in Yedioth Ahronoth, I won’t waste my time drawing parallels with Apartheid South Africa and the moral stand that so many artists took then and that thousands are taking now in the face of decades of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

So the die is cast, you are determined to proceed with your gig in Tel Aviv on October 3. You are making your stand.

You stand shoulder to shoulder

With the settler who burned the baby

With the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie

With the soldier who shot the soccer player’s feet to bits

With the sailor who shelled the boys on the beach

With the sniper who killed the kid in the green shirt

And the one who emptied his clip into the 13-year-old girl

And the Minister of Justice who called for genocide

You had a chance to stand

On the side of justice

With the pilot who refused to bomb refugee camps

With the teenager who chose eight prison terms over army service

With the prisoner who fasted for 266 days until freedom

With the doctor banned from entry for saving lives

With the farmer who was cut down marching to the wall

With the legless child growing up in the rubble

And the 550 others who won’t grow up at all

Because of the missiles and tank shells and bullets we sent

The dead can’t remind you of the crimes you’ve ignored. But, lest we forget, “To stand by silent and indifferent is the greatest crime of all.”

Roger Waters

5 thoughts on “Roger Waters attacks Bon Jovi for their upcoming concert in Israel

  1. * Read Your Bible Roger Waters *
    * Jesus Is A Jew * His Homeland Is Protected By His Will * If You Look At A Map Of Israel , It Shows From 1948 – 2015 , The Land Of Israel Is Getting Smaller And Smaller * Jesus Is The King Of Israel * It Is His Will That Israel Survive *
    * Sincerely , Kim *


  2. Mr. Waters,
    YOU sir, stand shoulder to shoulder..
    With the murderers who launch rockets from playgrounds
    With the people who put Rachel Corrie in harms way
    With the mob that ripped 2 police officers to pieces
    With the multitude of suicide bombers
    With the people who misfired a missile attack that killed 11 of their own children
    And the people who indoctrinate their children into cult of blood & hate
    And the Leader who promises Death to America & Death to Israel
    YOU have every chance to see truth, instead you let yourself be a puppet,& a useful idiot
    You don’t give a damn about justice, all you care about is shared ideology.
    You’re a multi millionaire communist hypocrite demanding truth from those you have no right to demand anything from.
    You Stand With the people who train Child Soldiers
    With the people who kill over cartoons, & over free speech
    With the people behind Tel Aviv’s Carmel market bombing
    With the people build tunnels into a sovereign nation to smuggle bombs & weapons
    Not a peep from you when they televise children’s programs that SHOW a SMALL CHILD VOWING TO “SHOOT THE JEWS”
    Or that the beach shelling deaths you cry about were from an unexploded IED
    Or when a ship from Iran is intercepted carrying lethal missiles intended for use against Israel
    Not a peep from you at all regarding the thousands of terror attacks around the world committed & celebrated by the people you defend.
    Or when a Palestinian man stabbed two Israelis to death in the Old City, and injured two others.
    Because you’re a hypocrite, a liar, and fool (albeit talented one ) It is truly a shame that freedom loving people all over the world are confronted by people like you who defend murderers that don’t want to live peacefully in a pluralistic world, because they are desperate to get into Paradise, and they are willing to destroy the very possibility of human paradise and peaceful coexistence here on Earth. The truth is, we are all living in Israel. Except for egotistical, elitist people like you who live in luxury bubbles who just haven’t realized it yet. Take a good look around your country; Mr. Water’s, not from the safety of your lavish gardens but out on the streets of East London, of Bury park, Bradford, Birmingham,Sheffield & Manchester…
    Where is your voice for Richard Everitt?
    For Christopher Yates?
    For Andrew Holland?
    For Sean Whyte?
    Take a Good look around you, Mr. Water’s, you are not your brother’s keeper, rather you a kept man of an agenda that has you conveniently fooled.


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