Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Guns N Roses members will honor Jimmy Page


According to Barrett Martin’s Facebook page, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses and himself will be performing at Seattle’s Experience Music Project.

The show will be a tribute to Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page. Martin’s post reads:

The Seattle contingent is ready for the Jimmy Page Tribute on November 19th at EMP in Seattle. From left to right, Duff McKagan (Guns & Roses) on bass, Barrett Martin (Mad Season) on drums, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on guitar, and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) on guitar. I just gotta say, that was a whole lotta heavy in one room. 8 Led Zeppelin tunes from this particular group, and Barrett and Duff are the house rhythm section for the whole show. Zeppelin is the great church of rock & roll and Mr. Page is our high priest. We are honored to serve.

2 thoughts on “Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Guns N Roses members will honor Jimmy Page

  1. He is a musical genius and am proud of you guys for doing such a beautiful well deserved tribute for him. In 2009 they had a contest in the Cleveland Plain Dealer to pick your favorite guitarist in the world,well I of course picked him and had no idea i would meet him that night where he came to Cleveland to induct Jeff Beck. I heard he was coming after work and I ran home to get my album and I am so happy to have my untitled album signed by him. My dream is to get the rest of them to sign including Jason Bonham. I only wished I could have gone to see them in 1977 in Cleveland.


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