Festivals: TBD Fest, Top 5 Bands To See

TBD Fest Poster

California has one of the biggest and fastest-growing music festival scenes in the U.S. and have long since dominated with festivals like Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, and Outside Lands. Now throwing their name into the ring is Sacramento-based music festival TBD Fest. Originally called Launch Music Festival, it received some recognition in 2012 when promoters decided to make it a one-day live music event with headliners Chromeo and DJ Shadow. They expanded in 2013 to two days and upped the anti with more well-known musical headliners that included Imagine Dragons and Girl Talk. This must have been a huge success, because this year, it was announced that not only would the event be three days, but it would be moved to a brand-new location and would be completely rebranded as TBD Fest. A new location and name is all fine and dandy, but what people really want to know is who is playing and if the promoters could book acts that would surpass the festivals line ups in past years. The answer is 100% YES! It seems like the people at TBD Fest have got their sh*t together because they have offered up a diverse and unique lineup that is sure to send people running to Sacramento. But enough chit-chat, it’s time to discover who are the top 5 must-see acts at TBD Fest.

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Song Of The Week: “Jubel” by Klingande


What is sexier then a Saxophone and a women’s voice saying “save me”?  A Saxophone with an electronic backbeat, that’s what! “Jubel” is an upbeat electronic track that has all the makings to be the song of the summer. Released on September 10th, 2013, the song has just managed to reach U.S. soil and has already garnered French deep house duo Klingande a loyal and ever-growing fan base. “Jubel” was the duo’s second single and reached the Top 5 of the French single charts and is doing well in other European countries as well. Despite being released a year ago, the song has managed to lift Klingande from relatively unknown to sought-after live act in the U.S. It joins the ranks of many experimental acid jazz and mellow house tracks that have been battling for contention on the dance and electronic charts. The only difference is that Klingande has managed to fuse the two so perfectly and simply that you would never have guessed that they were both accomplished DJ’s and classical musicians.

KRFH – Radio Free Humboldt


As you may or may not have guessed, KRFH Radio Free Humboldt is located in Humboldt County, CA, which is where I go to school. It’s this old little radio box where I am the current music manager/DJ. Check it out, we’re web-based. But we recently got our very own FM station, 105.1, which is a pretty big deal for us. 

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Hey, Internet!

Congratulations – you have found my blog. There’s not much to see around here just yet, but I promise I’ll get to the content soon. 

In the meantime, here’s a little about me: 

My name is Tyler. I’m a journalism major at Humboldt State University, and I will (hopefully) be graduating soon. My life revolves around music. I don’t play any instruments (I tried the flute once. Let’s just say it didn’t go very well), but I follow festival lineups and albums pretty religiously, so that’s what I’m here to write about. I go f***ing nerdy on that s**t. I have a lot to say about festivals, concerts, albums, and the music industry in general. I’m also an avid concert-goer, so I’ll probably be doing quite a few first-hand reviews. We’ll see where it goes.