Maynard James Keenan gives a somber update on Tool’s new album


Maynard James Keenan revealed in a new interview with that he hopes to record a new album with A Perfect Circle. 

Keenan also gave a short yet revealing update on Tool’s new album. “We’ve found a common ground,” he said. “We just can’t seem to move forward.”

He also discussed Puscifer’s Money Shot tour. “I feel like watching a band kind of stand up there and regurgitate their songs…there’s something, just that element of the live performance, to me, is kind of boring,” he said.

“So I’d rather not present that. There should be a show around it,” Keenan said “At the end of the day, though, of course, the songs have to reach in and grab you somewhere. Music, the sound, has to penetrate. It can’t just all be all show and all potatoes and no meat…But we kind of take you outside your normal expectation of a show initially, kind of set you back on your heels.”


2 thoughts on “Maynard James Keenan gives a somber update on Tool’s new album

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  2. I still love Tool anyways no matter if they never come out with anything new or they do. They are a legend and the first band I actually fell in love with. We traveled all the way to Arizona which I was born and raised in Williams Az, to watch Tool preform. We chose to skip Puscifer the next day cause I miss my land so much, we drove to Jerome where we seen the cut out of his grapes for miles and I struggled to know what the hell that was on the mountain until we drove up to it and my heart just sank cause I knew we had to leave but my heart still lies on that mountain view looking down from Jerome into the setting Sun. A view I watched til I was ten years old. I’d give anything and give up everything here in Texas just to come home. I am a death artist and I hope Maynard got his carved cow skull I hand painted and brought him we left that one at Cadeucus Cellars and the tiny little Puscifer cat skull I brought for appreciation to everything that they all have done. There are a handful of bands that truly inspire me Tool, Puscifer, APC and the Deftones. Thank all you for helping me discover who I am and what I am today much love to Arizona I’ll be home someday.


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